Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Style a basic: The Cardigan (1)

I've been studying like crazy these last few days but finally found some time to write another post. And we will be going over another basic item of my wardrobe. I've grown really fond of it, I'm talking about The Cardigan. Personally I like the longer version, the short ones with the buttons have more of a granny-vibe. I bought this one during winter, it's perfect to keep you warm. But living in Belgium, it could be useful all year round. Here summer doesn't necessarily mean warm weather. 

And yes, of course my cardigan is blue. If you take a look at my other outfit-posts, you'll understand. For a basic piece it's really important that you think about the color, it should be easy to combine it with other items in your closet. I always ask the question 'with what in my closet would I wear this?', instead of choosing a whole outfit in the store and then after realize you don't have anything else to wear it with. I like a wardrobe in which everything can be put together, because I try to avoid those moments in front of the closet that you sigh and think 'I don't have anything to wear'.  

Jeans: Primark/ Cardigan: Forever21/ Top: H&M
Shoes: Adidas/ Bag: Primark/ Jewelry: Primark

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